Trying to figure out a good restaurant for a significant other’s birthday is always hard for me. Men are so hard to surprise and purchase gifts for especially on birthday’s, I mean who wants another tie or some socks for a gift? So for my significant other’s  birthday in late March, I decided to take him to o ya a Japanese restaurant in the financial district.  

Hands down, best restaurant I’ve been to. Just look at the New York Times article who named it “Best Restaurant in the Country”

Now, your best bet is to make a reservation, actually I don’t even think you can go to the restaurant without a reservation. If you want actual seating away from the bar, call in a reservation. I recommend that you bring your wallets and have no reservations about price.

With a little Bob Marley playing softly and dim lights, the ambiance was perfect for the occasion. The interior design was very modern, sleek but simply classic. I can safely say that this was the first time that both of us had a true dining experience. Our waitress was very attentive and suggested the chef’s course selection.

 We had 16 course, Chef’s Course Offering over a 3 hour time period. At the end of the dinner, the owner came over, greeted us and made sure our dinner experience was worthwhile.  

 Sake (Japanese wine) set the tone for sushi courses that were seared, torched, raw, and cooked. Each course was an art piece designed for the eye and mouth. Filled with sugars, spices, fruit, and vegetables…all had a specific taste and  aroma. Our favorite entree of the night was Kumamato Oysters. The taste of watermelon pearls, cucumber and oyster was sensational.

Although the dinner was pricey, I would do it again in a heartbeat. The food, ambiance, service, conversation and Sake were spectacular and worth every penny.

Overall, my grade for o ya is an A+

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