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Newcomb Farms Restaurant

For my family, its a tradition to have brunch on Sunday. Rain, snow, humidity and whatever else Boston weather brings, brunch has been at Newcomb Farms restuarant for years. Drive down Randolph Ave in Milton Ma, here you will find the small All- American restaurant.  

Beautiful neighborhood, very accessible to Boston and the highway and easy parking;these are just some of the good characteristics of  Newcomb’s.  Because there is no standing room inside, there is always a line outside; no worries this line moves very quickly.  A courteous “seasoned” woman ( I can’t believe I forgot her name) greets and seats everyone. Walking in looks like a big family’s breakfast nook. Nothing fancy but there is definitely at “home” feeling.

I have this habit of ordering the same thing over and over in rotation. Some of my favorites on the menu:

Steak tip Benedict with a little barbecue sauce on the side ( includes 3 eggs and an English muffins)

Spinach, feta and tomato omelet with pan-handled potatoes

Turkey tip Benedict ( 3 eggs and English muffin)

A stack of pancakes

There are many other choices on the menu. All have filling portions.

The best time to go is during the weekend

In these economic times, brunch is a luxury. Newcomb Farms isn’t luxury but  budget -friendly.

Chart House, Boston MA

sun beaming in my eyes…children laughing and playing..breeze blowing in my hair…walking toward the wharf on a sunny day feels like  a vacation getaway for a split second. looking for something to eat in the wharf  area  is always easy, guaranteed fresh seafood. In the hustle and bustle of the wharf, sits The Chart House 60 Long Wharf, Boston MA 02110. The Chart House is a chain resturant  with different locations in the United States mostly in California and the south.

Sitting  by the water, The Chart House looks  like an old American yacht club. It has a New England nautical feel to it. As we enter the restaurant, we are greeted by a hostess who bring us to the patio stationed behind the restaurant. Now, I guess I was wrong to think that a patio by the wharf  would have a spectacular view. This patio was a bummer, no scenic view of the ocean but a view of a parking lot with cars. Instead of looking at the ocean,  I would have to settle with the sea breeze in my hair and the occasional smell of the salt water.

With a mango mojito in one hand and easy listening music softly playing in the background, we ordered the Lobster Rolls as an appetizer.  Non-traditional lobster rolls actually more like egg rolls; a spicy edge to it, a good introduction to the main course.  I ordered a Chili tuna sandwich with jalapeno aioli and french fries. The sandwich was a good size and filling;the tuna very fresh but bland.  French fries were over cooked and under seasoned. The meal…disappointing yes but nothing was more irritating then the employee (cook). The employee  walked by different tables including ours and spat (full on saliva)  four consecutive times on his way out and again on his way back. Makes you wonder about his spitting habits in the kitchen. Manners and common sense right out the window.

OK the spitting incident put me over the edge, but that’s not the only reason why I would never go back to Chart House. The food wasn’t worth the price, there was nothing special about fact I would argue that I could make the same meal at home and my meal and would be better!

oleanaI’m always skeptical about going across the bridge. I don’t know why, I do like Cambridge..have nothing against it…but  being a true Bostonian deep down inside, I don’t want to eat anything across the bridge. But on a quiet Monday evening, I was driven down Storrow Drive and across the bridge. I was a little nervous about where I was going but hey, it was a special evening so I figured this place had to be good.

On the corner in a dense neighborhood sits Oleana (134 Hampshire st, Cambridge MA )  Making a reservation is a good idea, even on a Monday evening the restaurant was pretty filled.

 This Arabic/Mediterranean cuisine- themed restaurant is exotic. Hues of  Yellow and Blue are prominent throughout the restaurant. Simple yet modern..hardwood floors, wood tables..clean lines..all eyes cant help but to stare at the antique fireplace

Portion sizes are satisfying.

Try the following Appetizers: Deviled Eggs with Tuna and Black Olives, Whipped Feta with Sweet and Hot Peppers, Lamb & Eggplant Dumpling with Garlic Yogurt,  Shrimp Cocktail & Cucumber Spoon Salad

Because the appetizers were innovative and delicious, there were high expectations for the main courses. I must say the main courses were a little less than innovative.  Lamb and Fish (a special for the night)  were chosen.. two very different cuisines..good tasting but didn’t meet the high expectation.

The Sicilian Almond Cremolata & Warm Chocolate Panino was served for desert…I could take it or leave it.

Oleana is a bit pricey. I would eat there again…only for the appetizers.


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