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film festival

I told you that I would blog about entertainment in Boston. So here’s something to do this weekend: July 30-August 2 2009. There are plenty of films to choose from, great venues to view the movies and all at a great price.

For starters: I absolutely love Mexican food…salsa, guac, cilantro, etc… Ive been to the Cactus Club more times than I can count. One of my besties and I would frequent Cactus Club senior year, high school.  Fast forward years later…I was there this past weekend.

On the corner of Boylston and Hereford St, Cactus Club(939 Boylston St, Boston MA) is vibrant and lively. There are two rooms, the bar and restaurant area which separates patrons but not the noise. This isn’t a bad thing but if you are looking for a quaint romantic place, this is not the place to go. Bring your outside voices and drinking hats. I’ve been to the Cactus Club  after bikram, on a date night, lunch on a summer day and dinner on the patio…noise level is almost if not the same. But its always a good time.

Prices are reasonable: main courses average at $15 and margaritas  average $7. Both food and drink have generous portions.

I usually order a Margarita, there are a ton to choose from. Drink 3-4 Margaritas, sitting down you feel fine but when you stand up, OH BOY….lol. This past weekend I had a Blackberry Margarita; if you enjoy a sweet Margarita, this is something to try.

 Don’t rush to order an appetizer; chips and salsa are served (which are so addictive, I cant stop eating them).  I ordered the fajita with chicken for my main course. Served on a sizzling platter, the chicken includes fresh red and green peppers, onions and corn. To compliment the platter; guacamole, salsa with cilantro, cheese and sour cream are also served. With all of these delicious ingredients; I made my fajita according to my liking. Filling each fajita with so much, it was spilling everywhere…quite hilarious. I only had 2 fajitas, not because I didn’t want more (because I am greedy when it comes to Mexican food) but I was stuffed. No dessert this time stomach couldn’t take anymore. 

Cactus Club is one of my favs in Boston..for the food/drinks and great memories.

blog 001

Date night Saturday night, trying to figure out where to go. Walking in the South End near Banq, Sage Restaurant and Pho Republique…the wait for each too long. Walk a bit more and tucked in the corner is Joe V’s (315 Shawmut Ave)

This small quaint restaurant with a patio (great for summer nights) is a cool neighborhood eat. Its interior is modern and simple; the atmosphere is very relaxed. Waiters and Watresses’ are very friendly. The menu offers customers a good variety from different pizza creations to traditional chicken parmesan. Prices are very reasonable; definitely not breaking the bank. As the economy continues to stagger and I watch my pockets; I would definitely go back to Joe V’s.  

Sipping on a tasty watermelon margarita with sugar on the rim ( i wish i ordered 2 more) , I ordered a  thin crust pizza called ” I Just Worked Out!!” filled with sausages, pepperoni, onions and tomatoes. Sounds very unhealthy I know but the portion was just enough.  This pizza was cooked just right…thin and crunchy. I know sometimes when a thin crust pizza is ordered, the toppings are “sprinkled” on, however with this pizza every slice was loaded with each topping. After 3 slices, I was completely full. I packed the rest to go and ate it the next day for lunch. I put it in the oven and it was still thin and crunchy.

Joe V’s is a cozy neighborhhod eat ; perfect for Saturday date night.


Bright and Radiant Sunday afternoon , the last day of the Tall Ships extravaganza…walking on the waterfront amongst a sweltering crowd, all restaurants are packed filled with families and couples grabbing lunch and a couple beers. We pass the park where the band is singing ” Billie Jean is not my lover, she’s just a girl”  and across the street is the Renaissance hotel. The restaurant inside the hotel…606 Congress st.


606 Congress St is very modern and classy, a good spot for after work gatherings. The ambiance is suave; floor to ceiling wine racks are one of the appealing features. Having lunch on the patio overlooking the park, we were able to have a meal and entertainment. No alcoholic beverages this time, the entertainment was more than enough.

The lunch menu was very typical…burger, reuben, calamari, lobster roll. Ordering calamari for an appetizer…I wasn’t impressed it was plain,no flavor other than the occasional pepper that was in the same bowl. I then order the “Crab Cake BLT” with fries and my boyfriend order the “Reuben” with fries.

Many times I’m disappointed when restaurants have seafood on the menu, you order seafood and a tiny portion comes out on a plate. But this time around, it was the opposite; the crab cake portion was more then generous. The crab cake was complimented with tomato, lettuce, bacon a spicy aioli sauce. With a side of fries, it was a perfect lunch meal.  I must admit; I eat crab cake, crab something almost every time I eat out but I was pleasantly surprised by this crab cake; it was one of the best Ive had.

I was stuffed with main meal  but I had to try the “White Chocolate Bread Pudding” for dessert. I’m a bread pudding lover…and this tasted like heaven. It was so rich and sweet that I couldn’t put my spoon down. The bead pudding itself was soft and melted in my mouth, the caramelized milk was decadent and matched with the bread pudding perfectly. So many calories..but it was well worth it!

606 Congress St is priced fairly, good service and  allows customers the luxury of dining inside or outside. The location is ideal, near the harbor but a little away from the hustle and bustle of Northern Ave.  I would definitely dine there again, grab a couple of drinks ..and have the white chocolate bread pudding.


Restaurant Week Boston: Summer Edition

August 9-14

August 16-21

Fun Times. I can’t wait!

When brainstorming about my blog, I wanted to make sure and incorporate different perspectives, opinions and thoughts. Having a guest blogger is a great way to all of these things and this week I have a special guest. Born and raised in Boston MA and currently a grad student at Tufts, she has sass, brains and beauty!  She even has her own popular blog about dating and men, check it out! 

Please enjoy her entry below!

So my foodie friend asked for my idea of the perfect summer date in Boston. I can’t say I haven’t thought of it a few times, and even gone on a few. So I had no problem obliging her request.

The day-date is in my opinion is under appreciated and almost a dying trend in the dating world. We have it in our heads these days that you go on dates at night, to a bar, or a dimly lit restaurant, whether for the ambiance or the potential of what it could lead to.  I guess I get it, but the potential for a day date is just as high as any other. Now, if it is a first date, most respectable women aren’t going home with you, and if its date two or three you are probably looking to get to know
each other better, both of these warrant a day-date. Also, think of it this way, if you aren’t feeling your date, you didn’t waste a night of your weekend when you could have been out partying, or hanging with friends, on someone that just wasn’t worth it.

My perfect date:

Saturday afternoon, my date and I would meet down on Newbury street around noon, for brunch outside at Stephanie’s on Newbury, they call it “Sophisticated comfort food” and I agree, its not so fancy that you don’t know what you’re about to eat, but its creative enough that you can’t get it everywhere. Brunch is always a great meal to have on a date because you can in fact get breakfast or lunch, so your options go up greatly.  I have had some amazing lobster quesadilla’s there that I would definitely recommend. Their prices aren’t too bad, so the guy wouldn’t be out too much. Though if it is nice enough out there will most likely be a bit of a wait, so putting your name down for outside and then grabbing a drink at the bar inside will work out well. The other plus of brunch dates is the mimosa, any reason to drink champagne before noon works for me.


Now, assuming that brunch goes well, and we’re hitting it off, the day-date allows for your time together to go on as long as you want. If you’re ready to leave after the main courses, you can say you have late afternoon/evening plans with friends, and you have an easy out, but, if you do in fact want to extend the date, you are at the perfect place at the perfect time.

Newbury Street on a summer afternoon is the worst representation of Boston ever, which I personally love about it. There is a rich culture, of tourist, rich Persians, Bostonians, and artists on that street from Mass Ave, all the way to The Commons. It is in fact the perfect place to go walking, window shopping, or anything else you may want to on a sunny afternoon.

After brunch there are a few things I may want to do, but I suppose first it would be great to hit up Starbucks (of which there are more than enough of on that street) grab a low fat, sugar free, iced,
vanilla latte, light on the ice
…and then take in the scenery and people on a walk to Boston Commons. You can talk and get to know each other more, and walk off your, most likely, calorie heavy meal from Stephanie’s.  The commons on a Saturday in summer is always filled with people, music and shady trees to sit under and enjoy the ambiance. Now while there, you can either sit under one of those trees or if you’re feeling like a little more, hit up the Swan Boats, a main Boston summer attraction, that as Bostonians and adults we often take for granted.

In an ideal world, though rarely in real life, I would be enjoying this first date so much, that I would want it to go on. It would most likely be around late afternoon, so you have a few options, you can, head further downtown and shop a little, cross the street and head to the movies for a summer blockbuster, or get an early dinner.

The places to get dinner around there are endless. If you are looking for something simple, it is a nice walk down the Freedom Trail, past the old state house and over to Faneuil Hall. There are a number of options for you to eat down there, but I personally have enjoyed the food and drinks at Houston’s.  A chain yes, but its location in Boston forces it to be a little bit classier than you may picture it.  Again out door seating is ideal, but they also have very nice booths, across from the bar and they keep the ceiling to floor windows open so you get the breeze and warmth without being all the way outside.  When I was there last I had the Rotisserie Chicken Sandwich, and the guy I was with had the Famous French Dip Au Jus, we both really enjoyed our meals and the setting of Faneuil Hall. As for drinks, they have the usual, and the bar tenders are always around.

If you decide to walk in the other direction and head back towards Newbury you won’t be at a loss for dinner places either. Some of the ones I like the most are: The Cafeteria, American Joe’s, or Charley’s. If you would rather go somewhere off of Newbury but still in the Copley area, my most favorite place to eat is Douzo in Back Bay. Two doors away from the train station this is by far the best sushi in Boston (in my opinion, and the YSF doesn’t like sushi, so you won’t hear different from her), the drinks are nothing to scoff at either. They have amazingly creative rolls as well as the traditional stuff.  My favorite by far is the Phoenix Roll, it is to die for, it is one of their specialty rolls that includes crab and salmon, a little pricey, but well worth the money. A roll or two with their amazing Spicy Lobster Miso Soup is definitely filling enough, and complimented nicely by a mango-martini to top off a great meal. The atmosphere there is welcoming and usually pretty busy.



Unless this is my future husband the night would most likely end here, we could hop on the orange or green line and go our separate ways, but, if this is in fact the man of my dreams, and I just can’t seem to get enough, my next suggestion would be to head to the cigar bar, Cigar Masters, on Boylston street.  It’s a small place, but the comfy leather couches, great assortment of cigars and a decent wine and beer list makes it a great place to just chill out for an evening.  A glass of Riesling, and a cigar or two for me would be the perfect way to end a perfect day-date.

For the friskier daters, you are also around a decent amount of bar/clubs. If you are looking to get a little closer physically and see how your date moves on the dance floor, head over to Saint or 33, both good Saturday night dance spots and a good way to get a little more up close and personal after a long day of talking and eating…

What ever your perfect ending is, make sure that you are really taking advantage of all this city has to offer. Boston can get redundant, you may feel like you’re going to the same places or doing the same things, don’t be afraid to be a tourist in your own city, do some things you don’t always do, eat at places you have only heard are good and do things that you may feel to silly suggesting to your friends. Dates are the perfect time for these things; you can feel silly together and make memories for what could turn out to be a great relationship.

Lastly, I like many women and men for that matter, prefer a date who can go with the flow, who is spontaneous and who is willing to have a real day-date. If you are willing to hang out a bit longer, or try a few different places to eat, it says to the other person, that you are someone that isn’t afraid to try new things and who is willing to learn and grow with someone. Your actions will always speak louder than your words, so do what you feel, and make a day out of it.


For more dating and relationship advice and laughs you can check out my blog:




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