Trying to find a parking spot by 361 Boylston st  is almost impossible. Traffic clogs the street at all times of the day and night and for some reason there is always construction going on in the vicinity. For those who know me well,  I get very frustrated and irritated when swerving around non-drivers, looking for parking spots and getting quarters for the meter to avoid city tickets. So for me to go through all of that, Parish Cafe and Bar must be a slam dunk.  

Parish Cafe

There is always a wait to get a table at Parish Cafe, this is the only bummer. Grab a beer, relax and WAIT. Once seated the cafe/bar is packed with people, loud, and at times you can’t even hear yourself think. Not a bad time, after all it is a cafe/bar.

The concept of the menu is so cool and it changes pretty often. Restaurant Chefs from various places including Flash’s Cocktails, Tremont 647, and L’Espalier create specialty sandwiches/main courses for Parish specifically. So looking at the menu, underneath some course offerings there are the names of the Chefs and Restaurants. I never get tired of the menu. Needless to say, when looking at the menu there is a high expectation of the food.    

I’ve had the: Regal Regis, Sean’s Meatloaf Club, The Blue Ginger

All sandwiches are EXCELLENT!  The portion is way more than I can handle and I may be small and skinny but I CAN EAT. I can almost guarantee you won’t finish the sandwich either. My favorite is the Sean’s Meatloaf Club. Im not a meatloaf lover but I’m in love with this sandwich. The chipotle mayo and chipotle meatloaf are a great match and the side of mashed potatoes and gravy make the sandwich all the better. (I’m getting hungry thinking about it)

$12-$15 for sandwiches and main courses, you definitely get your money’s worth!

Hand’s Down: Best Sandwiches in the City. I sound like an advertisement…but go to Parish Cafe and Bar, you will thank me.

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