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Sometimes in relationships, people  get into a routine… routines become comfortable and both parties forget what its like to be romantic. Small surprises turn the romance dial way up and a box of truffles is a perfect surprise.  Buy your significant other, girlfriend/boyfriend, wife/husband, sweetheart…(whatever you want to call them)  truffles on a random Wednesday. Don’t wait till Valentine’s Day to surprise your sweetie with savory truffles.  

Champagne flavored Chocolate Truffles from Teuscher of Switzerland (located 230 Newbury St Boston) are heaven on earth. Priced at $12-$168 depending on the size, it’s whatever you want. Rich and creamy, bite  into one and before you know it, the box will be empty. Im not really a chocolate person but I go out of my way to stop in the store and buy six at a time.

There are Teuscher locations all over the world but we are fortunate to have one in our backyard. So the next time, you want to surprise him/her buy a box of truffles, I guarantee some good romantic lovin.

Friday night was breezy and a bit cold. For anyone who knows me, knows for me to travel to Charlestown to hang out or eat…it must be the best thing since sliced bread. So Friday I turned right on Main street in Charlestown, MA  and walked on some cobblestone …there it was Koullshi Lounge. Sweet smelling aromas filled the air as I walked downstairs. Loud chatter and laughter echo but the atmosphere was laid back and cozy. Rich fabrics, eclectic table stands, Middle-Eastern music, throw pillows distracted me for a bit until I sat down to see the menu.

Double apple and sweet melon mixture was the consensus. If you havent guessed already Koullshi is a Shisha Salon and Cigar Bar. What better way to spend a Friday evening.   As I inhale and exhale the smoke, relaxation comes over my body and my body is swaying to the music. Sipping on my peach margarita, gives me a good balance of relaxation and pleasure.  No dance club or dive bar for me tonight but something different and classy.

As I walked out for the night the bouncer said,  “this lounge is cool, its grown and sexy”  and I couldnt agree more.

my fav bar.

On Congress Street, below Sportello Restuarant.

3 stations with waiters/waitresses open floor plan, chic and modern yet simple. Different from every bar in Boston;  for the night you have a relationship with your bartender. No cocktail or wine menu but your wish to mix, taste and experiment comes true. What do your taste buds want? A waiter/waitress creates each cocktail from scratch.

 I had a taste for something sweet. I was asked “citrus or berry”, i said “berry”. All of these drinks are mixed with fresh fruits and vegetables not processed syrups and juices. Watching  my bartender all night made me realize that there is  an art to creating cocktails and remebering  the ingredients to each patron’s drink.

Drinks average at $10. Try these.

-Mojito- mint, sugar cane… delicious

-Tennessee - if you like whiskey

-Big Red- berry…berry…berry

-Negroni-care for gin? I don’t but try this if you do.

-Sazerac-whiskey, strong, sweet tasting at the end

-Rain- fruity taste mixed with vodka

Cheers to Drink, my new favorite bar!


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