Friday night was breezy and a bit cold. For anyone who knows me, knows for me to travel to Charlestown to hang out or eat…it must be the best thing since sliced bread. So Friday I turned right on Main street in Charlestown, MA  and walked on some cobblestone …there it was Koullshi Lounge. Sweet smelling aromas filled the air as I walked downstairs. Loud chatter and laughter echo but the atmosphere was laid back and cozy. Rich fabrics, eclectic table stands, Middle-Eastern music, throw pillows distracted me for a bit until I sat down to see the menu.

Double apple and sweet melon mixture was the consensus. If you havent guessed already Koullshi is a Shisha Salon and Cigar Bar. What better way to spend a Friday evening.   As I inhale and exhale the smoke, relaxation comes over my body and my body is swaying to the music. Sipping on my peach margarita, gives me a good balance of relaxation and pleasure.  No dance club or dive bar for me tonight but something different and classy.

As I walked out for the night the bouncer said,  “this lounge is cool, its grown and sexy”  and I couldnt agree more.