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Its Tapas style at Toro Restaurant located on 1704 Washington st, Boston.

Toro offers diners the opportunity to experience an adventure. From the moment you walk in, there is something mysterious about the restaurant. Dimly lit, open floor plan with natural and mahogany wood seating. Loud chatter, echos of laughter mixed with a friendly live atmosphere make Toro a unique eatery and hang-out spot.  A menu that is in Spanish and English offer a  fusion of foods and traditional Spanish-style food.

The bar has an extensive list of  wine, beer and other liquor. Sangria is the specialty drink, a fan or not this is something to try. The small plates aka tapas are small but 4-5 plates will make your stomach bulge.

Try these different dishes:

Toasted bread rubbed with tomato and garlic, finished with Spanish olive oil and sea salt

Marinated Island Creek oysters with grains of paradise, warm Tabasco saffron emulsion and lovage 

Griddled garlic shrimp 

Egg, potato and onion omelet with alioli

Mussels with chorizo and sidra

MY FAV: Grilled corn with alioli, lime, espelette pepper and aged cheese 

Fried potatoes with alioli and spicy tomato sauce

Mini burgers with smoked tomato, alioli and pickled red onion

Salt crusted Mediterranean  sea bass with fresh herbs


Make sure and bring your taste buds and wallets for this dining adventure.


Looking for a birthday cake? A congratulations cake or “Im just thinking about you sweetie” cake? Feel like you can treat yourself to a mouth-watering pastry? Or are you simply craving dessert?

Make your way to Eldo Cake House (36 Harrison Ave between Beech and Essex St) located in the heart of busy Chinatown. Don’t drive or walk too fast or you will miss this small quaint cake house.   

eldo 2

Now I must admit, I have never tried any pastries. Im always tempted  to buy a tart or a piece of cream cake but I always remember that the cake that I just ordered will be plenty for my waist. So my Eldo experience has been with cakes.

Walking in to pick up my cake order (I ordered it 2 days prior), Im greeted with a friendly smile. Pulling the soft sponge cake  topped with light whipped cream like frosting and fresh fruit (you can pick strawberry, mango,peach,  pineapple, apple)   from the refrigerator, the sales associate asks if it looks good; Im smiling because not only does it look so yummy but i know the person Im buying it for will be smiling too.  In green frosting she writes the Happy Birthday message.  The sales associate wraps the cake carefully and for around $17, I get a round 6′  birthday cake. 


Having an Eldo Cake not only made my waist  happy but my pockets jump for joy.  For those of you who enjoy a budget-friendly but delicious cake, try Eldo.


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