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Looking for a special place to celebrate?  An anniversary, graduation, engagement or maybe promotion?

In the heart of the Downtown area of Boston sits the  Nine Zero Hotel, a boutique hotel famously known for their suite designed by Britney Spears (going off on a tangent). Inside the Nine Zero Hotel is the restaurant KO Prime  90 Tremont St, Boston MA 

KO Prime is a modern steakhouse that has the perfect combination of ambiance and atmosphere that brings together all sorts of people young and not so young. I got a sense that the owner’s vision is to make sure that each person’s experience creates fond memories.

To best describe KO Prime, I would say it is a mixture of class and contemporary chic; dark hardwood floors, simple wood tables covered by traditional white linens yet when you look up at the ceiling there is eclectic artwork that pays homage to classic art or if you glance in the bar/lounge area there are furniture pieces with bold patterns and textures. 

As I entered the foyer area; I was greeted by two hosts that were very friendly. After being seated comfortably, I was able to admire the ambiance but also the great view of the city.

One of the best services is having a waiter/waitress that is able give opinions, thoughts and ideas about the menu. The waitress knew the menu front to back and back to front. She was able to make suggestions about wine and cocktails… she was on point. I had the seared scallops with lobster risotto and the fingerling potatoe purée, aligote.  Both dishes were out of this world. The scallops were cooked to perfection and the risotto was such a compliment. The fingerling potatoe purée was simply heaven, if you are a fan of mashed potatoes this is a must.   

My good experience with my waitress rounded out the full experience of KO Prime. I never felt rushed in fact, I relaxed and enjoyed the moment…  

KO Prime is somewhere that your not watching your pockets but genuinely enjoying your time. The ambiance, hosts and waitress services and spectacular food make KO Prime the perfect place to celebrate with a loved one.

P.S- This could be a potential V-Day spot for all of those in love…

On a snowy day in early Decemeber, Post 390 (490 Stuart St, Boston MA) was the location of my BFF’s birthday dinner. As we get older, we value small intimate birthday dinners instead of loud club parties…but our definition of  small intimate dinner require that the venue be just as sassy as we are…Post 390 is just that.

Ideal location but you can’t have it all. Parking is lousy so be prepared to do 1of 3 things: 1. valet the cat for about $20 2. park in a expensive lot 3. try to hustle a parking spot on columbus ave or boylston st.

Walking in, its clear that Post 390 is a hot spot in Boston. The atmostphere is vibrant and both floors are full with people chattering and laughing.

Decor is very modern-2 floors a bar on the first level and a formal sitting area on the second level. hardwood floors, fireplace for eye candy on the first floor, open floor plan, huge windows to view the city. The only thing that bothered me is that there were huge flat screen televisions playing sports on the 2nd floor formal sitting area. Not so good when your trying to having dinner and good conversation, eyes wander to the television. 

 Nevertheless brunch, lunch and dinner are served- the menu is American cuisine and pretty extensive.

Crab and Spinach Dip

Grilled Skirt Steak and fries

Jumbo lump and Maine crab cakes

House smoke BBQ ribs

Required: Dessert! Don’t leave without it!! I thought it was better than the main course meal.

Carrot Cake- best in the city

Creme Brulee-incredible

You will need to open your wallets to Post 390, so if your on a budget don’t go there.  I wouldn’t recommend it for a romantic dinner with your partner or anniversary celebration. However, Post 390 is a great place for dinner celebrations, gathering of friends, grabbing drinks after work. I’ll be back soon, this time to try the brunch menu!


Since I practically live here I should write a post. lol. For the month of November and December, Wagamama took much of my hard-earned money.

Located in the Prudential mall next to Saks Fifth Avenue, Wagamama   is a good spot if you want to grab a bite to eat alone, if you want to study for school or work, if you want to have a bottle of wine with a friend, if you want something that isn’t too expensive but has a resuarant feel, or if you had a long day shopping and just want something filling. 

Wagamama has an open floor plan with minimal decoration that gives a comfortable energy. The kitchen is open so anywhere you sit, you can see the food being cooked. The food is a Japanese fusion which gives a  great variety, if you like plain and simple its on the menu, you like hot and spicy it’s also there and if you are vegetarian, no worries there are plenty of options.

 My favorites include:  

Edamame with chilli and  garlic salt

Ebi Katsu (panko-crusted shrimp)

Chilli Squid

Sweet Potato Fries

Suribachi Chicken Wings

Chicken Teriyaki

Chilli Ramen

Try any of those above and I’m sure you will be hooked just like me. There are also Wagamama locations in Fanuiel Hall, Cambridge and Washington DC.  All other locations are international.  

Wagamama: positive eating + positive living  – their registered trademark but oh so true

for the 2nd time in three days, I’ve had frozen yogurt with fresh strawberries. I chalk it up to a serious craving for Berry Line located on 1377 Boylston St, Boston MA ( right in the Fenway area) . Its  Pink Berry’s ( in NYC)  twin. Can I tell you that ever since I had Pink Berry in NYC , frozen yogurt hasn’t been the same. So thank you Berry Line for coming to the Fenway to satisfy my craving.

There are three different types of delicious yogurt : plain, oreo and pineapple

Toppings  are candy or fresh fruit

candy includes: snickers, heath bars, fruity pebbles, chocolate chips and  reeses pieces

fresh fruit includes: strawberries, kiwi, mango and  pineapples  

very inexpensive and healthy at the same time. you simply can’t go wrong.


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