On a snowy day in early Decemeber, Post 390 (490 Stuart St, Boston MA) http://www.post390restaurant.com/ was the location of my BFF’s birthday dinner. As we get older, we value small intimate birthday dinners instead of loud club parties…but our definition of  small intimate dinner require that the venue be just as sassy as we are…Post 390 is just that.

Ideal location but you can’t have it all. Parking is lousy so be prepared to do 1of 3 things: 1. valet the cat for about $20 2. park in a expensive lot 3. try to hustle a parking spot on columbus ave or boylston st.

Walking in, its clear that Post 390 is a hot spot in Boston. The atmostphere is vibrant and both floors are full with people chattering and laughing.

Decor is very modern-2 floors a bar on the first level and a formal sitting area on the second level. hardwood floors, fireplace for eye candy on the first floor, open floor plan, huge windows to view the city. The only thing that bothered me is that there were huge flat screen televisions playing sports on the 2nd floor formal sitting area. Not so good when your trying to having dinner and good conversation, eyes wander to the television. 

 Nevertheless brunch, lunch and dinner are served- the menu is American cuisine and pretty extensive.

Crab and Spinach Dip

Grilled Skirt Steak and fries

Jumbo lump and Maine crab cakes

House smoke BBQ ribs

Required: Dessert! Don’t leave without it!! I thought it was better than the main course meal.

Carrot Cake- best in the city

Creme Brulee-incredible

You will need to open your wallets to Post 390, so if your on a budget don’t go there.  I wouldn’t recommend it for a romantic dinner with your partner or anniversary celebration. However, Post 390 is a great place for dinner celebrations, gathering of friends, grabbing drinks after work. I’ll be back soon, this time to try the brunch menu!

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