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I would say for the past year or two I’ve been a tad obsessed with cupcakes.  It’s a great dessert and i don’t feel so bad, its smaller than a slice of cake…lol

I wanted to share with you some places that have mouth-watering cupcakes, each place can customize cupcakes with flavor, frosting type and design. You can pick up one for your taste buds or you can order hundreds for an event. This list doesn’t have any particular order.

1. Party Favors- Brookline 

I’ve used Party Favors a ton of times including; customizing cupcakes for a birthday, buying 60 cupcakes for an event and buying 4 cupcakes for my best friend’s birthday. Party Favors never waivers, the quality of the cupcake is the same, moist, tasty and frosting for days  

2. Babycakes- Quincy

For my friend’s surprise birthday party, I ordered a customized cake from Montillio’s (Quincy) and customized cupcakes from Babycakes. I was super excited to see “redvelvet” cupcake flavor, if you’re looking for a variety of flavors, this is the place to visit.

3. Sweet-Mass Ave Boston

When visiting the cupcake shop, I think Chronicle or another television show was doing a segment about it. Walking into the shop, the interior is spectacular; its vintage, feminine and very classy. The presentation and design of each cupcake was precise and intricate.  After buying a half-dozen, my boyfriend and I tasted the cupcakes and they were average; certainly we were impressed by the presentation but not so impressed by the taste. Now in not discouraging you from going to Sweet, I think its worth the presentation and everyone has different taste buds.

4. Kickass Cupcakes- Somerville

To be honest, I haven’t been here yet.  I’ve had numerous friends and co-workers tell me how much the cupcakes are worth the trip to Somerville.  I’ll be there soon enough.

5. South End Buttery -Shawmut Ave, Boston MA

This is the coolest neighborhood coffee shop, set in the South End, the Buttery serves breakfast and lunch with pastries, coffee and tea.Ive bought goodies here before most recently, I just bought four cupcakes for a birthday surprise. 2 chocolate cupcakes and 2 red velvet cupcakes. I got raving reviews after the cupcakes were eaten rather quickly…

So the next time your entertaining, thinking of a birthday dessert, craving something sweet….Don’t forget about these places in and around the city, ready and willing to give you cupcakes galore.

So its March and of course you guessed it!

Restaurant Week has begun…

March 12-19

March 22-26

Usually I go to an obnoxious amount of restaurants but this time around I will have lunch one place and dinner at another place…I chose Pigalle for dinner and for lunch I’m not sure where yet… Nevertheless as soon as I try both I will have a post.


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